The Lebanese economy is in big trouble – it is causing citizens to get Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin, trying to escape the banking system and protect their savings from falling as the Lebanese pound continues to struggle.

Banks in Lebanon have been trying to stave off a possible pound peak by imposing informal capital controls, forcing users to withdraw their savings confidence through the official exchange rate.
The move means saving Lebanese citizens now 40% less than they would in parallel markets, says Al Jazeera, which says the nation is experiencing a bitcoin boom instead.
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The official exchange rate of the trust is now GEL 1,500 against the US dollar, which is far from the parallel exchange rate of GEL 2,500. In addition, currency withdrawals now range from $ 50 to several hundred dollars a month. Recently, overseas transfers amount to $ 50,000 a year, the report said.

The news agency quotes Mahmoud Dagham, a 29-year-old crypto trader who has been active in the market since 2015, saying:


Herbal testosterone! Quickly improve the levels of male hormones in the herbs!

Herbal testosterone!

You don’t need testosterone patches, gels, creams or injections.
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These solutions all have side effects. When you use natural methods to increase testosterone levels, you can avoid side effects.

For many years, I have been using herbs and supplements to increase male hormone levels. This is so successful for me that my testosterone level has risen from below 250 to 800.
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Let’s talk about how to do the same thing!

Herbal testosterone!

There are hundreds of sex additives on the market, but some of them are higher than others.
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You can divide these supplements into two categories! A capsule contains a variety of herbal supplements. Non-complex supplements contain only one herb in their ingredient list. We will first discuss some of my favorite single ingredient products.
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Tongkat Ali!

This herb is probably the most powerful independent supplement of all of these. Testosterone surge
It is very eye-catching in just a few hours and lasts until the evening.
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The pleasant side effect of Tongkat is that the amount of ejaculation increases and the size of the slack increases.

Katuba Bark!

The Catuaba bark ranks second after Tongkat Ali. Benefits include stronger, more frequent erections, increased sexual thoughts and motivations, and a fuller testicle due to increased sperm count.
Mucuna Pruriens!

This herb is smoother, more uniform and more stable than the first two. What I want to say is that they are more subtle and flatter than Cataaba and Tongkat.

Although Mucuns Pruriens does enhance sexual desire, they also have a powerful influence on mood and overall well-being.

This supplement is one of my favorites, because when you use it correctly, you will experience an increase in sexual desire and a sense of pleasure in life.


Tips for developing online business using corporate email marketing


Commercial email marketing is a form of advertising that involves using email to directly market products or services to your customers. With this form of advertising, your message can be transmitted faster and cheaper than with regular marketing methods.
You can direct your mail to specific types of consumers, build relationships with customers, and engage new customers with targeted, relevant emails that are of interest to recipients. Business email marketing is an effective way to bring your business to the world. Here are some tips to help you use it in the right way.

Use list server
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A list server is often referred to as an automatic responder. This is an efficient way to collect email addresses into the database and track them automatically. There are some online scripts that allow you to host an automated response program on your website or server. The safest way is to use a third-party automated reply to the company because it protects you from allegations of spam.
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Create an email thread capture page

This is a page that collects the visitor’s name and email address. When designing this page, you must use the Direct Response Marketing Principles. It’s important to ensure that your corporate email marketing provides help and service to your customers. You can do this by providing valuable content on your landing page so that your customers can respond with their email address and name. For example, you can provide customers with CDs, free reports, and even DVDs to transfer their information.
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Build relationships

Building a good relationship with your customers is very important for corporate email marketing. You should identify the customer’s needs and fill this gap. If you just continue to send a sales letter, the customer can identify you as a spammer. When using corporate email marketing, please ask your customers if they have any comments or suggestions. This is a great way for your customers to express their opinions and can help you find more information about them. If you learn more about their needs, then your email marketing will be more effective.
Develop relationships with new customers

Another important thing in commercial email marketing is building relationships with new customers. For online businesses, it is common to continuously send repeated emails without receiving responses. The reason is that they did not spend time building relationships with potential customers. Therefore, they ultimately see it as a spammer rather than an effective consumer choice.
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If you are unable to establish a relationship, a corporate email marketing email may end up in your customers. In the spam folder, you will never receive a response. The best way to conduct corporate email marketing is to propose a dual opt-in option that allows subscribers to opt-in and then confirm that they want to receive your email. This way, you will be targeting the customers who want to read the email. Instead of sending a standardized email that customers might find bored, take the time to find out what the customer wants and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
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in conclusion

In order to be successful, you should consider e-mails that may allow you to purchase products or services to stabilize your position. Make sure your customers are aware of the greatness of the products or services you sell. If you only follow these simple principles, corporate email marketing can help you significantly increase your sales.
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Mengm Lake Hotel Booking – Five Tips for a Smooth Vacation

Planning to visit Mengm Lake? Mengm Lake is an exciting place for rock climbing enthusiasts who are passionate about exciting mountains. Hiking or kayaking, horse riding or cycling, each trail offers a different mountain experience. You will never forget the holiday!
It has more than 100 lakes and streams and is known for its world-class salmon fishing. A few miles of retouched trails through the wilderness of John Muir and Ansel Adams provide hours of spectacular sightseeing.
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When planning a trip, you need to make a reservation for the fierce lake in advance. Vacations can be a great way to relax, but if you are not fully prepared, it can be a very stressful experience. Be sure to take the time to check all the details and plan everything to make the most of the vacation.
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Here are some tips to help you get through a snowboarding holiday:

– Make sure you choose the appropriate Mengm Lake Resort Apartment. If you are traveling with only 4 people, please do not book a cabin for 12 people. You can choose a smaller accommodation to spend extra money on other things.
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– Book your accommodation early. Bookings for the Mammoth Lake will soon be filled, and you don’t want to miss out on the best chance of getting the best Ma House or apartment because you have been waiting too long. In addition, if you do not book in advance, you may not get the best price on the reservation on the lake, which will reduce your travel expenses and overall budget.
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– Plan activities before departure. You will have a complete apartment or chalet for you to enjoy, but the fun will be on the slopes or in the town. Take some time to understand what you can see and what to do, and even if you don’t have a strict itinerary, you need to know what to check.
– Skip the mammy hotel, hotel and resort accommodation. They are great anyway, but nothing is more memorable than spending a relaxing holiday in your own private rental home or in an apartment hidden in the mountains. Make the most of these accommodations, as you don’t live in a mountainside lodge or ski lodge every day.
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– Scheduled by budget. Bookings for Mamma Lake can be completed in advance, giving you plenty of time to budget and follow the budget. If you want to get the ideal rent, first choose it and make sure you have room in your budget for the unexpected. Don’t overspend, because when you get home, stress will catch up with you.
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These are some great tips to help you complete the Malay Lake rental process more easily than ever before. If you want the best vacation experience, keep these tips in mind during the planning process.


Walk around Venice – traffic tips

' The Vaporetto'

In this amazing world, the best way to travel in the water wonder city [if you don’t want to go all day] is “Vaporetto”.
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Vaporetto is a ship similar to a bus, but it stops at the dock to pick up passengers.
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The fare for a one-way ticket is EUR 6.50 per person per way [2008 price] and applies to any route along the Grand Canal, valid for 60 minutes.
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Before boarding ' Vaporetto' you must post the ticket in a small yellow box on either side of the platform. If you forget to do so, please tell the boat owner to stamp you. In this way, if you are checked by the ticketing staff on board, you will be able to avoid a fine of EUR30. If this happens, make sure the conductor gives you a receipt for the payment of the fine you paid. You will not have to present your ticket on board unless you have a ticketer boarding up and ask you to show your ticket, but make sure it is stamped.
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If you plan to use ' Vaporetto' usually, you may want to consider purchasing a pass, which will ultimately save you money.
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Depending on your travel arrangements, when you arrive in Venice, you have different options:
Take the train to St. Lucia Station, then take the steam engine
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When you get off at the Santa Lucia train station, walk outside and follow the long stairs to the dock. There are two main lines of “Vaporetti”.
You can choose to take the 1st or 2nd line to San Marco. Both lines have stopped several stops including Rialto Bridge, but Line 2 is a faster and more popular route.

Using a taxi in Venice
spirit airlines check in
Water taxis are fun and suitable for large gatherings of 5 to 8 people. This method is fast and fun, but it can be a bit expensive [about 100-150 Euros, depending on the number of passengers and the number of suitcases, and the time to travel to most parts of the city is 20/30 minutes]. If you use the taxi service in the morning or evening, you will need to pay an additional €10.
flying spirit airlines
Arrive at Treviso Airport [Ryanair]

The best and cheapest way to get from Treviso Airport to Venice is by the Ryanair shuttle service, which costs EUR 5 per person to reach the Roman Forum in Venice. From there, you can get a public “Vaporetti” along the Grand Canal. Note: Take the bus only to the Roman Forum.
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Arriving in Venice by car
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If you are driving or renting a car, ask your car rental company to allow you to get on and off at Venice’s Piazzale Roma. Do not park your vehicle at the airport. From the airport, commuting to the city takes longer and costs more.


Tips for newcomers to Las Vegas

Beginners may be shocked. They see hands moving chips as fast as chips change, just like magic shows, when they stop focusing for 30 seconds, they may end up gambling their homes by mistake. This will help to sort out the main rules ahead of time, and it can also look for smaller casinos with younger crowds – because the table tends to reduce noise and the minimum bet is much lower. Even if they don’t plan, when the gambler makes the wrong choice, the bet manager often hints, and it’s important to remember that you are competing with the dealer rather than the other players. This relieves some of the pressure.
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Those who want to use a few cents instead of a pound bet should play video poker. It’s easier to pay. When they offer a $3 to $5 tip to the waitress and then $1 per turn, they will enjoy a free unlimited beer, vodka or whiskey.


The buffet is king in Las Vegas. Along the avenue, there are more than one hundred fine restaurants. However, there are many such things in the world. The good news is that people can eat all the cut steaks, sushi, lobster rolls, crab legs, cakes, biscuits and cheese as they wish, for only about $25. They can choose to dine at this restaurant, or have breakfast at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, have lunch at Bellagio, and have dinner at Arria. Wearing trousers will be great.

View strip from the top

Anyone can view the strip from a high position, which is naturally awesome. On the other hand, unfortunately, a person has a room with a view of the parking lot, not a strip, but there are still many beautiful places.


With a height of 350m, the tower offers 360-degree panoramic views and is the tallest independent visitors watch tower in the United States. Literally, there is a theme park with many very scary rides. These are not for the timid people.

Mandalay Bay

The top of the Mandala Bay is different from any other hotel view in the exact location at the southern end of the curved road. Therefore, the base room has an almost perfect view of it. There are surcharges, but sometimes it is free for a group of girls.

Watching the show

People say that Las Vegas does not have the best performances. When asked if it is “Re Reve”, the answer is no. Is it love, no. how is it? Or “Blue Man Group”? Neither is. 70% [70%] of people who go to Las Vegas will watch concerts/performances, some of whom will book in advance before going out, but most visitors will watch a show at their hotel or buy tickets on the same day. . If they are not in a hurry to watch a particular show, they can decide what day they want to go, then appear in the booth and choose. Most major hotels have their own Cirque du Soleil. Often they are similar in terms of high quality production and impressive entertainment.
In parallel with communication with encryption card partners, Mastercard has also announced that the London-based cryptocurrency processor Wirex has become the first local cryptocurrency platform to be awarded Mastercard’s core membership, which will allow it to issue cryptographic payment cards directly.
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Thanks to the membership, Wirex card users will be able to immediately convert their cryptographic holdings into fiat currency, which can be spent at points of sale accepted by Mastercard. Thus, the currency will enter the Mastercard network in the form of fiat, not cryptocurrency.

Looking for cheap travel deals when buying a ticket

Ticket bookings made online through the booking engine must be easy to monitor and book.

Travel portals that offer cheap ticket bookings must have the following qualities to meet the needs of travelers. Booking engine:

1. Must be easy to navigate

  2. Must list a wide range of airlines

  3. Must have flexible schedules and

  4. There must be a price range option.

Travel portals must offer occasional discounts, offers and promotions for all ages and occasions. The portal must also have fast, smooth online money transfer capabilities through important gateways such as credit cards, bank transfers and other important methods.

Some portals offer [except ticket reservations], train ticket reservations, bus reservations, and hotel reservations to various destinations. Travel portals with special tours and special occasion travel packages tend to have a good reputation. Travel portals that provide travel insurance, travel tips and safety guidelines will take advantage of their sales.

The competition for health is fierce and many travel portals offer these facilities. Some portals even provide news feeds to subscribers. They also shared the travel experience of many cooperative travelers, which will help new members plan their trips and make them more enjoyable and memorable. Travelers who make online ticket bookings can also find convenient cancellation facilities online, and if they are on the waiting list, they can also find the reservation status. They can also find seating and berth preferences for their journey. If you have any of these facilities provided by any portal, it will be a good travel portal.

Going to Moscow to clarify some misunderstandings

Although Moscow may not be able to compete with other cities in terms of food, shopping or spectacular sightseeing, Moscow does offer many beautiful parks, history, culture, architecture, world-class art and museums, cathedrals and enough to attract travelers. The attraction has occupied many days.

I look forward to more "police status" atmosphere from

 At least, there are some rough scars, bandages, machine guns, and uniform guards at the corner of the airport and every street. However, there is no luck and no photo manipulation [provided that I will not be sent to Gulag for trying to use the reliable Leica to expose the story behind the Iron Curtain]. Ok… Maybe my DVD album contains too many old Cold War movies, and too many John Le Carre books have accumulated dust on the shelves.

The reality is that in any big city in the United States, there must be more public police than Moscow. In fact, the sirens are rarely heard or heard. However, since there is no donut shop, I don't think there is any reason to turn on the blue light and drive fast.

airport: from

 Expected to be old and dirty. The reality is that Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport is modern, clean, with luxury shops and food stalls everywhere, at the same price as most large airports, and the price won't surprise you.

Currency and value: from

 I didn't really do my homework, but I hope that Russia will use the euro. In fact, their currency is Rule, you will see the price followed by the price, followed by "py6". It includes VAT, so the price you see is the price you paid. The current exchange rate is about 32 rubles per dollar. The value is in the eyes of the buyer, but the daily price of non-luxury goods seems to be lower than in other big cities. There are a large number of ATMs that can be distributed to your chosen Ruples or Dollars.

Russian: from

 I hope that, like other countries I have visited, I can decipher the logo and even get the message of the headlines. The difference is that Russia uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which is visually unrecognizable, just like Western European-based languages ​​[somewhat like trying to read Chinese]. This means you will get lost and have problems finding things with symbols. Tips on how to calculate the number of subway stations that arrive at your destination.

Someone told me that English is taught at school and I hope to complete the basic needs exchange. The reality is that almost no one can help you and speak a lot of English. Compared to in Paris or London, the conversation you will hear in Moscow is less audible. Oh, to be sure, large international hotels are not a problem, but the situation on the street or in the store is completely different. Pointing and smartphone pictures work well as a common language.

shopping: from

 I didn't go shopping, but I hope to find luxury brands and some Russian equivalents in our downtown shopping malls. City professionals full of subways are well-dressed, but definitely not wearing D&G. Therefore, they must shop at a place I can't find. I didn't go shopping.

The gift shop seems to exist only in 3 regions. The airport, a shop on the Red Square and a pedestrian street called Arbat Street. Speaking of Arbat, in addition to the Kremlin, it is one of the oldest areas in Moscow. It is the home of nobles, artists, writers, and has some fine museums and period buildings. It's worth a few hours.

transport: from

 Expecting this is difficult, but once you learn two things, it's easy. The Moscow Metro System [METRO] is great. Easy to use, inexpensive [one dollar can take you anywhere], fast, clean, reliable and often used [training every minute or every two minutes during normal hours]. As a demonstration of Russian Stalinism, most stations have high ceilings, marble and ornate chandeliers, which are impressive in structure.

Don't expect to call a taxi on the street. Legal people do not travel by boat to find fares. You may find them after the Bolshoi Theatre or at certain train stations, but plan to have the hotel arrange taxis in advance and plan a few hours to inform you to arrive there on time. Several times I asked for a taxi, and they all arrived as scheduled. It is best to let your hotel negotiate fares and pay in advance to avoid accidents.

Safety: from

 I tend to wander around without paying too much attention to my whereabouts. Even if I am not sure where I am [get lost] and walk through the alley, I have never seen anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. However, I recommend that you use it with caution. Always pay attention to the surrounding environment and travel together.

building: from

 Looking forward to and seeing many of the Khrushchev era apartments, it looks very frustrating. Obviously, they were built to stay away from public urban life and provide a private space for each family, even if the walls are thin and the heating is not good. They were quickly replaced by modern high-rise residential buildings, which seems to be a huge improvement.

If you are not impressed with Khrushchev's architects, you will find his predecessor, Joseph Stalin, with a magnificent vision and conceived many Gothic steel skyscrapers. The first time began in 1941, but was abandoned because Moscow defense [the damn German!] needed steel. Seven were built after the war and are now known as the "seven sisters." They are as grand as any building in Manhattan and stand out from the skyline.

Like most European cities, Moscow has a large number of churches and cathedrals. The difference is that Russia has banned religious beliefs for 75 years, many of which were dismantled by well-meaning Communists. Some of them have been rebuilt since 1995, and they are no different from the original version except for the obvious improvements in the pipeline.

The most striking aspect of Moscow architecture is the use of color. Looking forward to monotony, the reality is that multi-colored crayons and bright primary colors are scattered between the masonry. The Moscow people explained that the bright colors can withstand the long Russian winter. The famous 450-year-old St Basil's Cathedral takes its color to its extreme with its Disney-like onion-shaped tower. St. Basil is a striking attraction, day or night. Even if there are photos in every book about Russia, go there. Just on the Red Square.

museum from

 Rich, will definitely impress the art lovers. In order to truly experience the tsar's lifestyle and rich wealth, please make an appointment to enter Amory within the walls of the Kremlin. It contains everything from Faberge Eggs to Royal Carriages. Skip the 1812 Museum on Red Square. Nothing has been translated into English, and overall it is still very la foot.

Residents seem to take from

queue from

 Think of it as a way of life, even if you are not seen as a tourist, they will openly enter you. This may be the only rude rudeness I have outside of the rude services offered by some but not all stores and restaurants.

Expectations for food are not high from

 But some surprises. Russia's first meal was in a coffee shop in GUM, a gorgeous shopping mall with a 120-year history on Red Square. Exquisite, exquisite food, talent, quality service and reasonably priced wine and food. During the stay, we tasted Georgian cuisine on Leningradskaya Street. The hotel food is poor, and the Serbs are in the hidden bar/restaurant downstairs. The only place to offer quality service is the Serbian restaurant, which seems to be really happy for our presence.

Lunch is easy in many coffee shops, casual dining restaurants and places where food stalls are available. 400 rubles will receive a sumptuous lunch and even a glass of Russian wine.

Services and tips: from

 Moscow people will not give tips, and Americans will not. That is a simple fact that comes out of the local guide. When the server thought that I didn't give a tip, I was chased. When the label appeared, it was not unusual to find a small note as a reminder. If you decide to tip, 10% of the wolves will avoid it.

Don't expect someone to skyrocket because you might be a customer. Although many Western habits are gradually infiltrating into Moscow, the concept of customer service is still in its infancy, and socialist standards still exist [think Paris]. Services are usually slow, with little eye contact [which may mean they have to do something], but usually not very comfortable [think Paris].

In Moscow, the details to be seen are much more than what you would see on a rainy day. Moscow easily exceeded my modest expectations and proved to be a worthwhile destination. This is an unusual goal because there aren't many Western vacationers [please read here] that are worth a visit. Moreover, even if you can easily enter the Kremlin wall, it sounds a bit bold and romantic.

Get cheaper hotel and theme park prices

Online travel and vacation sites offer thousands of coupon codes, saving bargains and freebies for many popular travel destinations. These sites make online shopping fast and simple, with powerful and advanced attributes that allow you to find the latest discount rates and deals for all your favorite travel locations. If you don't want to bomb your inbox, create a free email account for these types of offers on Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. Budget: When you buy tickets online in advance, Disneyland, Alton Towers and other theme parks offer a lot of discounts. It's worth to subscribe to your Facebook and Twitter sites to find instant notifications of the latest deals.

Theme Park Price: Most theme parks offer fast track tickets to help you bypass the queues of the most famous rides. Although these costs can be expensive, bypassing the queue means you will have more time to explore the rest of the park and spend a relaxing day outside! Food, Glorious Food: Many families spend their holidays on holiday because of the high cost of food, snacks and drinks. Still, you can save a lot of money by packing your own lunch or simply giving your children a hearty breakfast. Go to that popular beach: Many beaches have hundreds of miles of stunning coastline, and children are most happy when they play in the ocean, build sandcastles and survey stone pools.

Stay ahead: When planning a vacation, don't shy away from buying cheap hotels in the suburbs instead of booking expensive travel hotspots. Usually, you can find a suitable place to live in the town or on the outskirts of the city. Most major cities have excellent public transport systems that allow you to easily and cheaply travel to major attractions. Points are average points: Many hotel chains, such as Choice Hotels, Marriott and Hilton, offer loyalty points that can be used for future stays, shopping, gifts, airline miles, and more. Even if you don't travel a lot, once you sign up for a bank card, you will receive special offers and exclusive hotel prices. Save on insurance: Do not register travel insurance that is automatically updated every year. If you take the time to browse these discounts and cheap items online, you can enjoy many discounts and low prices, saving you a lot of money on your next holiday trip.

Email marketing tips you need to know

Email is one of the least invasive forms of marketing. Customers can choose to join or opt out as needed. They are free to decide whether to entertain you by opening an email, or ignore it and send it directly to the trash.

It is not an intrusive fact that makes it one of the most effective methods. But because it's not so invasive, you have to make every message worth reading.

So how do you make sure your email marketing campaign is effective? Here are some guidelines:

1. Create an email marketing strategy

Yes, email is very good as a marketing tool. But just like any form of marketing, you need to develop a specific strategy to turn passive readers into customers. Create a detailed marketing channel with clear goals in each step.

2. Become an individual

You can create a fully formal email. It makes you sound authoritative. But even if the customer receives half of your message, it will annoy you. It's okay to maintain a professional tone, but you also need to consider the reader. If they receive an email from a stranger, it is best not to receive text that is almost robotic. It is boring, can be daunting, and increases the likelihood of being thrown into the trash.

3. Short

Just write a magazine or newspaper article, don't write anything. Your customers don't need to know the history of the company or the ingredients in the product. At least not yet. Save for later use. Make a note of each letter in the email. Keep it short and clear.

4. Don't send too much

“How much is too much?”

If you ask this question, you may have sent too many emails. Do not send multiple emails per day. If you don't create an email series, don't even bother. A maximum of three times a week is sufficient.

5. Let them be worth reading

Unless your customer deliberately signs up for your newsletter or obtains a marketing email from you for the sole purpose of accessing your website, they may treat your email as another typical email from a random company.

If they click on your email and decide to read, make sure they continue to open your message by providing some time that is worth their time. You can offer discounts, freebies or give them exclusive information that is useful to them. Make emails appealing or fun. Make them happy and let your customers read.

6. Make them comfortable

Send updates about your company. Provide information that is useful to your audience. Establish trust between brands and email recipients. You can give a discount, which is one of the best ways to sell your product. If you can, please avoid forcing the sale.

Like social media, SEO and other forms of marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all email strategy that guarantees success. After all, this is to understand customers and meet their needs. You can do this yourself, or you can work with an email marketing campaign to help your company.