Military – Useful TDY Travel Tips

If you have an order to travel TDY [temporary duty], you can choose to make it a smooth experience or a difficult time. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you can reimburse you for the rate of pay-per-use after you return, and some tips can be easily tilted in your direction. Why not avoid a bunch of frustrations? Consider applying all of the tips below and you will enjoy your TDY. You will quickly become a travel expert!

Tips and information

A. Dial a number from multiple similar charges by adding it accurately.

View all the different taxes on the hotel room receipt. Add them and enter this number: "Hotel Tax", for example. Let people who review your coupons make it easy for you to pay.

B. Do the work of everyone and pave the way for you.

Don't wait for DTS to contact you. After submitting, please check the progress of your credentials and quickly resolve any issues. Become a "beautiful squeaky wheel". As long as you are good, you can call anyone repeatedly. You will use honey to capture more bees than vinegar, and you will be known for being a military travel professional.

C. Join each travel club and get a travel discount card.

Current rules allow service members to maintain miles and points. You are not sure how you will travel; what the government does. Because you have so many cards, you need to take out all the cards in an orderly manner. If you start to be in order, you will find points and miles added. Because you have an organized start, you will enjoy a free flight or vacation.

D. Keep your things tidy in your hotel room.

When you leave, if someone has experienced it, it will be easier to see. When you leave the room, it is easier to "drag the bag" because you are less likely to leave something behind. Military travel professionals found themselves madly calling the hotel from the airport to see if the maid found a watch in the room!

E. Don't let your voucher sit there for five days when you return.

Once you are back, please submit your credentials immediately to complete your TDY. You will be happy to take back your funds as soon as possible.

F. Scan the receipt.

They may not be readable if you fax them. Check all costs twice. Do everything possible to make your credentials clear and understandable. Your professional handling your coupon will be greatly appreciated.

Before you head to TDY Airport:

1. Make sure your order is complete.

You also need a Vocal Command [VOCO]. You may not be able to get some fees if you take off without it. Yes, you are serving your country, but that doesn't mean saving money from your pocket.

2. Make a TDY envelope for each trip.

Maintain an envelope containing the relevant operational order [OPORD]. This envelope should also contain your itinerary, order and receipt. If you keep all the files in a trip in one envelope, your life will be so simple.

Is your travel card useful?

Just buy a chewing gum or drink at the store and use it just before the travel date. Why are you feeling embarrassed when you travel? Make sure it works before leaving the military trip.

4. Pack early.

Look at your OPORD. what do you have? If you are going to school, check online to see if the school's packing list is available. You may not be able to get what you need – be prepared.

5. Print the boarding pass in advance.

This will avoid a potential problem. Why don't you put it in your pocket before you go to the airport? Be a prepared military traveler, perhaps wearing a military military ring to indicate your level or career.

6. Arrive at the airport two hours in advance.

If you have extra time, please bring something to read. The possibility of safety procedures and safety issues means that if there are any problems, you will want to have time to be sensible.

Set up your travel habits as early as possible and provide you with a good service in your career. If you do, you will enjoy TDY. You will rest with less stress and more rest. Turn the above tips into habits and you will become a military travel professional. I wish you a pleasant journey!