Thrifty travel tips for road trips

For thrifty travellers, what better way to extend her budget and vacation allocation than to travel on a long weekend? Here are some important tips for reducing my costs.

Keep the cooler cool

Packaging a barrier-free cooler filled with drinks and snacks is a big cost reduction option. To maximize cooler space instead of filling ice, chilled water bottles and low-filled beverages [including drinking boxes make a healthier juice mud]. There are no more wet sandwiches or spilled water in the back seat.

Eat where the truck driver eats

For longer road trips, travelers may have to watch a meal outside of the cool. Don't bother with the usual fast food chains, pay attention to any local roadside restaurants and park your cars outside. When the truck driver finds a reasonably priced, reasonably priced meal, they will tell their friends.

Note: Just because the sign says the truck has stopped, it does not mean that the truck driver has stopped. The vehicle never lie.

Keep your child entertained

This is a trick I stole from my mother. Whenever we travel long distances, she digs out color books and crayons. This does not seem exciting for us. During the road trip, we were only allowed to use the new coloring book.

For today's kids update, keep some toys or video games for road trips only. This could be a brand new toy or a favorite toy. The novelty of the toy will keep the children busy and look forward to long-distance rides.

Preparing the vehicle

Road trips mean relying on your vehicle, so preparation is essential. Check all fluids, oils, antifreeze/coolant, windshield washer solvent [for all road travel vehicle collection errors]. Check the tires to make sure they are fully inflated and in good condition. Check all belts and hoses for wear.

AAA or other vehicle assistance program

Frequent road travellers should consider AAA or other vehicle assistance program membership, especially if they have old vehicles. A trailer and members pay for themselves. Plus local machinery/trailers did not compete.

One of the benefits of my favorite AAA is that their TripTiks are road maps that contain information on road works [very useful during the summer road work season] and rest stops. There is even blurring through each town.

Road trips are a great way to learn more about local destinations and extend your travel budget.