5 important pointers for travel in Morocco

One of the most popular comments about Morocco is that the people are extraordinarily friendly. Absolutely! Generosity is the foundation of the country, from the poorest villages to the richest enclaves, everywhere.

#1 Do your research! Find out what areas of Morocco are interested in and what activities you might want to attend. Morocco's geography is very similar to that of California, offering wine tasting, surfing, horseback riding, mountain climbing and more. Of course, in addition to going to the Sahara Desert and meeting the nomads who lived there for thousands of years. Figure out your interests and plan your trip.

#2 If you want to guarantee a spectacular experience and you have a budget, hire a driver/guide who will take you to all parts of Morocco and make sure everything is ok. These drivers/guides speak multiple languages ​​and offer special services, so they deserve to use their services. Vehicles range in size from cars to minivans, they make your travels more free, and they also bring you a safety net with a “family”. [It is very likely that you will be invited to go home to eat!]

#3Moroccan food is delicious, mainly Arabic and Berber dishes, influenced by France, and the variety is dazzling! Chaos! The traditional Moroccan dish is called Tagine and can be changed almost infinitely… beef with plums, chicken and almonds, fish, goats, lamb and vegetables. The “fast food” used in Morocco for lunch or dinner is Tajin, and the Tajin store is waiting for you everywhere. Takin is also a special conical pottery in which to cook meals. Almost impossible to make mistakes!

#4 Do not drink water in Morocco. If you eat ice [except high-end hotels], eat salad or brush your teeth with water, you will get sick. The only option is bottled water. There are no regulations on BPA in their plastic bottles, so the best way is to buy a portable water filter for use there. If you peel, you can eat fruits such as bananas, oranges, avocados, etc.

#5Open spontaneous fun! Moroccans are committed to maximizing their lives and always have festivals, celebrations and parties, so feel free to change your unplanned experience.

According to our experience, the only people who have experienced bad experiences in Morocco are the Tourista who are sick because of drinking water. Everyone is beautiful, hospitable, diverse… intoxicated, and then go home with this exotic joy and unforgettable memories.