The golden planting secret in WOTLK to quickly achieve an epic flying mount

Obtaining an epic flying mount is a huge achievement and opens up many other gates to make your World of Warcraft gaming experience even better. However, in order to obtain such a precious mount, it takes some form of cultivation to obtain gold to obtain an epic flying mount. Sometimes it's hard to come up with this kind of spoils, especially if some secrets are not known, the fact is that most players are unwilling to accept, but they have paid the price in some way.

However, if you spend the necessary time and effort, you can take out 5,000 gold. Here are some tips to help you get the gold you need faster.

Daily task

Of course these will get boring, but there is no better way to get some gold. Today, most players can complete daily tasks for about 25 months a day to get the gold needed for an epic flying mount. Plus, after a month of practice, you can really improve your skills.

Leveling professional

Improving your professionalism is a must, and there is no doubt that you can earn more gold medals faster. In fact, this is a common mistake made by many players, no matter why they are farming. It's especially useful to improve your main party career. Focus on peeling, herbs and mining.


One of the secrets of gold farming in WOTLK is heading north to Northrend for humanoids. You can get some good loot from them, and you can find frost fabrics that can make a huge profit in the auction house. This will be very helpful once you have improved your professionalism.


Northrend has a lot of game animals, and their skins can make huge profits for you. Take a look at the Borean Tundra and How called the Fjord, where you will find plenty of animals that can be easily picked. The skin sells quickly, so you can rush to make some decent gold.

By following these tips and being patient, you can harvest gold and get an epic flying mount faster than you think. Just like most things in life, once you learn how to make a lot of money, you can enjoy the game better. You only need to put your wallet on, you can compete with elite players who usually fill 10,000 coins at any given time.