Tips for newcomers to Las Vegas

Beginners may be shocked. They see hands moving chips as fast as chips change, just like magic shows, when they stop focusing for 30 seconds, they may end up gambling their homes by mistake. This will help to sort out the main rules ahead of time, and it can also look for smaller casinos with younger crowds – because the table tends to reduce noise and the minimum bet is much lower. Even if they don't plan, when the gambler makes the wrong choice, the bet manager often hints, and it's important to remember that you are competing with the dealer rather than the other players. This relieves some of the pressure.

Those who want to use a few cents instead of a pound bet should play video poker. It's easier to pay. When they offer a $3 to $5 tip to the waitress and then $1 per turn, they will enjoy a free unlimited beer, vodka or whiskey.


The buffet is king in Las Vegas. Along the avenue, there are more than one hundred fine restaurants. However, there are many such things in the world. The good news is that people can eat all the cut steaks, sushi, lobster rolls, crab legs, cakes, biscuits and cheese as they wish, for only about $25. They can choose to dine at this restaurant, or have breakfast at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, have lunch at Bellagio, and have dinner at Arria. Wearing trousers will be great.

View strip from the top

Anyone can view the strip from a high position, which is naturally awesome. On the other hand, unfortunately, a person has a room with a view of the parking lot, not a strip, but there are still many beautiful places.


With a height of 350m, the tower offers 360-degree panoramic views and is the tallest independent visitors watch tower in the United States. Literally, there is a theme park with many very scary rides. These are not for the timid people.

Mandalay Bay

The top of the Mandala Bay is different from any other hotel view in the exact location at the southern end of the curved road. Therefore, the base room has an almost perfect view of it. There are surcharges, but sometimes it is free for a group of girls.

Watching the show

People say that Las Vegas does not have the best performances. When asked if it is "Re Reve", the answer is no. Is it love, no. how is it? Or "Blue Man Group"? Neither is. 70% [70%] of people who go to Las Vegas will watch concerts/performances, some of whom will book in advance before going out, but most visitors will watch a show at their hotel or buy tickets on the same day. . If they are not in a hurry to watch a particular show, they can decide what day they want to go, then appear in the booth and choose. Most major hotels have their own Cirque du Soleil. Often they are similar in terms of high quality production and impressive entertainment.